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I am New Here...

Welcome!  We are so glad you dropped by.  Getting to know a church is not an easy task for several reasons. First, we live in the age of marketing.  Promotional material and information can only tell you so much about a church.  Second, there are a lot of churches out there.  Third, churches are more than just an organization, they are a Spiritual Organism created by God to accomplish His purposes in this world.

The church is the "Bride of Christ" and the "Family of the Living God".  These two Biblical descriptions of the church help us begin understanding that you need to know the people of the Lord in a church if you want to know the church.  We hope you will!  And we hope to see you and get to know you too.  

As you sift through your choices when it comes to a church family, we hope you will come to know Cornerstone for our love of God's Word, our pursuit of Biblical thinking, and our obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe when these areas are in their right place then - increasing in love for God and others, true worship, and growing in faith will occur.  We won't always get it right, but what we have enough-of every day is the grace of our Lord. 

Join us as we pursue the Lord together!  Join us for our Sunday morning services along with our Forum and Sunday school time.  Join us for Church University and small groups.  Join us in ministering to each other and the world. The journey begins with the first step and continues with each step of commitment to the Lord.  Pursuing Christ together is better when it is done together.   

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