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Cornerstone started in 2000 and exists to magnify the glory of God by bringing people to Christ, by exalting God in worship and prayer, and by helping grow disciples of Christ in this world.  While we are not a perfect church, we serve a perfect Lord.  We seek to know Him and please Him as we learn to live the realities of the Gospel out in our lives both individually and in community.


Our services focus on the worship of the Lord through remaining Biblically centered, and practically obedient to His commands.  We desire to equip God's people with what is necessary for life and ministry to this world.  


The church, according the I Timothy 3:15 is the household of God....and the pillar and support of truth.  That truth can only be found in Jesus Christ.  As a church we seek to exalt the truth of Christ graciously, thoughtfully, and purposefully in all we do.  


Two Documents that may be helpful in learning a little more about what we believe include our Gospel Confession and our Church Constitution.  You can find links to these documents below. 

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